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Autumn of Winds: Azerbaijan

A change of seasons are happening in Azerbaijan

]Its already late October, but my sense of time and space is not really hanging on. Since June I have been in an seeming ever-lasting summer with 30-40 degrees. Coming from a temperate climate of Northern Europe, my perception of time and months was quite connected to the seasonal changes of the nature, but here the seasons are so different, so I've lost these reference points.

Now the climate has definitely changed a bit though, and it proves the eternal sunshine has been replaced by clouds, wind and even a bit of rain. I've been quite acclimated to the warmer temperatures though as I now wrap myself in a scarf because of cold in 17 degrees! Haha.. Autumn has also brought some new flavors; fresh fruits like pomegranates, feijoas, tangerines and apples from all over Azerbaijan are entering the market.

We have also had some important celebrations these last few weeks; Gurban Bayram (Eid al-Adha) a muslim holiday was celebrated last week. Gurban Bayram is the "feast of sacrifice", and its the second religious holiday of the muslim year (first being Ramadan). It honors Abrahams dedication to God when he was willing to sacrifice his own son to God. At the last moment God intervened and told him to sacrifice a lamb instead. The celebration is normally a meal with family and friends and giving to the poor is an important part. My family happened to be visiting me at the time, and luckily we got the chance to see the celebration. So for the first time we got to celebrate a muslim holiday with home-made Azerbaijani food in my friends house a bit outside the city.

photo-2.jpgphoto-3.jpg 2013-10-20_14_08_36.jpg
Some views from the city these days; autumn Boulvard, spices at the market, apple-filled cars. These days you can see old cars filled to the brim with apples they sell dirt-cheap in the cities; 1AZN (7,5NOK) gives you 3 KG apples.


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By the Caspian Sea

sunny 25 °C

Once again I'm starting up a blog to share my journey abroad with friends and family across the globe. This time I have ventured to the country located at the coast of Caspian sea, a land between Europe and Asia; Azerbaijan.


Now how did I end up here? Well that started two years ago when I joined AIESEC, a student run organization aiming to have positive impact on our society through providing experiential leadership development opportunities. Now after having served for one year on the national team in Norway I will be leading the national office in Azerbaijan for the next year.

Today is already my third day in Baku and I'm starting to feel like home already, I have had a beautiful first few days, seeing the city and meeting the leaders I will be working with over the next year. Hearing the inspired voices of the AIESECers, sharing their vision and purpose. If the next 365 days will be as engaging and exciting as these, I know I'm in for the year of a lifetime. Of course, I have worked long enough with these sort of exchanges to know that I'm bound to suffer culture shock at some point, but as for now I'm enjoying the experience.

So far I have enjoyed the Azerbaijani hospitality given by the AIESECers and I'm starting to discover the city that will be my home for the next 13 months.

❤ from Baku,

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