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February 2014

Frozen Palms: Snowfall in Baku

snow -2 °C

Hey there,


Its been a long time since I've updated, but I'll get back on track now. I've already celebrated my 8th month in Baku, and started the countdown of the last 4 month.

Last week we got a bit of a surprise when it suddenly started snowing in Baku, and the snow actually stayed for nearly one week! It started snowing Thursday evening and to my surprise and delight there was a beautiful coat of white snow when I woke up Friday morning!

A bit of chaos ensued then with cars going of the road, work and schools closing, as a 10cm layer of snow covered the city. Now it would be easy for a Norwegian to make fun of the chaos over so little snow, but for a country not prepared to handle a nordic winter even a little snow creates big challenges for busses, cars and such.

But for myself it was just a fun little taste of Norwegian winter (though there is no snow in Trondheim right now). So other than a few meetings being cancelled, the week opened for allowed for watching people have snowball fights and making snowmen and fall when they are trying to walk on the ice-covered ground.

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